IOGEAR and Apex Legends to host launch party to introduce Kaliber Gaming product line

IOGEAR, the manufacturer of innovative PC and console gaming accessories designed to maximise the capabilities of gaming systems and boost gameplay advantage, announced that it has teamed up with GameXpress and Apex Legends to host a massively-attended launch party in Mexico City to introduce Kaliber Gaming product line to the Latin American market. Kaliber Gaming products will be available through GameXpress and Best Buy Mexico. IOGEAR and partners celebrated this milestone in Mexico City Thursday evening, 25July 2019, at the Arena: The Place to Play, Santa Fe, Lobby Cinemex Centro Santa Fe. Open to the general public, the party was packed wall-to-wall with enthusiastic gamers, and Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR was joined by Latin American partners, including event sponsor, Electronic Arts’ Respawn Entertainment’ Apex Legends, the latest free-to-play squad-based battle royale online game, and retail partner, Mexico’s GameXpress. “This move seemed like a natural step as we continue to empower gamers with class-leading accessories designed to maximize their gameplay experience.The Latin American market is expected to grow considerably in the next few years, giving IOGEAR and Kaliber Gaming the opportunity to reach a new passionate market of gamers,” said  IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming product manager Derek Hamilton. At the launch event, IOGEAR showcased the latest Kaliber Gaming products, including the popular and highly praised HVER PRO RGB gaming keyboard, FOKUS II gaming mouse, KORONA RGB mouse and keyboard combo kits, and KeyMander.