‘Ingress: The Animation’ anime to come to Netflix

Niantic announced that a new anime based on Ingress, the augmented reality game will come to Netflix this fall. As reported by Variety, Ingress: The Animation is the first AR game from Niantic before the developers later released Pokemon Go. The anime is created by animation studio Crater with Fuji TV collaborating with Netflix for the release. The anime will also be used to assist in the wide release of Ingress Prime, the sequel to the first game from Niantic. “The anime peers into the Ingress universe and allows viewers to see a part of that universe that is uniquely expressed,” Niantic founder John Hanke told Variety. Ingress: The Animation will focus on two characters, Makoto and Sarah, two characters who have been affected by the other-worldly matter that imparts special powers onto those who are influenced by it. The two characters must work together to solve a problem that wasn’t discussed in detail while trying to avoid a third character named Jack. All three of the characters ultimately become involved in a larger situation involving a corporation that wishes to use the exotic matter for its own nefarious purposes. “There will be familiar characters and situations that have become famous in the game, but they will be experienced through a fresh interpretation with new characters, new actors,” he said. “Think of it like a reboot of a superhero franchise,” Hanke further added. Ingress: The Animation and Ingress Prime, both are expected to launch around October.