India’s indie game prowess: Take a look at this year’s upcoming indie games (Part 2)

We had recently showcased some of the upcoming indie titles from the developers of the country. Well, that was just the beginning; we have been reaching out to more indie developers to get an idea of what they are planning to release throughout this year. In this edition we take a look at some more games which are due this year!
Main Screen of Hatch it!
Hatch it! Hatch it! is a pixel art style single-screen casual mobile game for players from age 10 and up. A creature collection game with management, clicker and slots game mechanics, it taps into the Pokemon /monster collection community with a collection of weird and cuddly creatures. The game is being developed by Roach Interactive, the studio which had previously released the navigation puzzler, Bird Of Light. You would be able to ‘Hatch it’ sometime later this year! Enemy Waters Being developed by Hyderabad based TeaPOT Games, Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and warships. Players will be able to command and maneuver their fleet and face-off against waves of enemy vessels. The game boasts a gamified take on submarine and warship simulation. Players will be able to fire torpedoes, deck guns, drop depth charges, ping for underwater targets, and engage silent running to sneak past enemy war ships. The game features 10 submarines and 10 warships from nine different countries ranging from WW2 era, Cold War era, and current times. The studio’s previous game, Avion Flight Simulator won the NASSCOM indie game of the year award in 2015. It was also nominated for indie prize showcase at Casual Connect Singapore, 2016. Their games have clocked more than 10 million downloads on android and iOS combined. The upcoming title is scheduled to release sometime in the end of June.   GLOBE In the development process at the Optimum Games’ studio, GLOBE is an arcade shooter with rogue like elements. It has been inspired from the classic arcade games and fused with modern rogue like elements. The game features over 40 mods which can be equipped at the beginning of every level from the Mod Workshop, the mods add hundreds of combinations and has the potential to make each run feel different. An alien invasion has been detected and the space station paroling earth has been attacked and all the astronauts have been dislodged into space. It is up to you to save all the astronauts and eliminate all threats before earth is attacked. Destroy aliens and asteroids, earn Space Dust and equip over 40 Mods from the Mod Workshop featuring a system all RPG fans are familiar with. The mods have been categorised into common, rare, very rare, epic and legendary. Level up your ship for permanent upgrades and complete 25 levels of pure arcade madness. Example of Mods : 1) SpaceDust Magnet – Attracts Space Dust in a small radius 2) Blast Core- Destroying Asteroids and Aliens creates explosions 3) Frenzy Surge – Get additional Frenzy Orbs 4) Frenzy Stasis – Freeze Aliens and Asteroids in Frenzy Overdrive 5) Gargantuan – Increase the size of the Space Ship to 4X 6) SpaceDust Blast – Create small explosions on collecting Space Dust Imagine if you get the chance to use 1, 2, 5 and 6. You become a huge giant blowing up everything in your way. Features : – Arcade Shooter – Over 40 Mods and 100s of possible combinations – Tier system for Mods – Hundreds of combinations – Levelling system for Permanent Upgrades – 25 levels, randomized enemy waves – Comic Book Style Intro – Built in Unity – Two button Gameplay We’ll come up with more games from indie devs that are up for release this year, keep an eye out for it!

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