Indian team Entity gaming acquires fifth position at PMCO Fall Split

Entity gaming has acquired the fifth position at PUBG  Mobile Club Open  Fall Split 2019  by scoring 157 points and received a tidy sum of $12,000  for their efforts. PMCO Fall Split final’s ended with Indonesia-based Bigetron RA or BTR on top. This was quite a hectic day, considering all of the players had to play a number of matches and the audience had to cheer for a longer duration to support their favourite teams. The 13th match of Global Finals Day three took place in the Miramar map on a third-person perspective. The flight path for the match stretched from El Azahar to Minas Del Sur and the first play-zone formed near the south of the map bounded by locations such as Los Leones, Impala, and Power Grid. Entity Gaming’s impressive run ended after Illuminate wiped the entire Indian team. Bigetron, Illuminate, and ARG fought a triple threat near the end and Illuminate with an aggressive approach were able to clean both Bigetron and ARG. Illuminate won the game securing their second Chicken Dinner of the tournament.