Indian Championship of Cosplay 2020 winner headed to Chicago to represent India

Sameer Bundela from Mumbai won the Indian Championship of Cosplay 2020 and will be heading to Chicago for the C2E2 (The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) Crown Championship of Cosplay happening on 29 February 2020. Bundela suited up as Zenos yae Galvus, the primary antagonist from the game Final Fantasy XIV for the championship he won. “I chose to cosplay him because of his unique design. His armour is a very interesting blend of victorian, Japanese and gothic elements and there’s a lot of amazing details and nuances. His weapon was also a big challenge and the suit gave me a lot of opportunities to work with a lot of medium and use a lot of techniques,” mentioned Bundela. Bundela expressed his joy on being able to represent India in the championship at Chicago. “My joy is doubled because this is the second time I’m getting this opportunity.” Bundela had won the competition in 2017 too and became the first person who competed at the stage. “It’s a great honour and I’m extremely grateful to have gotten this opportunity and recognition again. I’ve been cosplaying for close to 10 years now and it’s been a long and rewarding journey. And I never intend to stop,” he added. Bundela had earlier cosplayed as Chewbacca which is his favourite. It’s the most fun I have been as a cosplayer. A big-time Star Wars fan, Bundela is overjoyed with people’s excitement on seeing him as Chewbacca.”Chewie is adorable!” Bundela admires and is inspired by cosplayers, Adam Savage and Kamui Cosplay. “Savage’s passion for objects and crafting is unmatchable and I hope to achieve the level of joy he feels when he sees a prop from one of his favourite movies. On the other hand Kamui has been my biggest teacher. The first prop that I made 8 years ago, was created looking at her German tutorials,” said he. The winner of the Crown Championship of Cosplay is awarded as Crown Champion and considered one of the best cosplayers in the world. “I’m super excited to compete in it again and hopefully this time I’ll make India proud,” concluded Bundela. Bundela plans to make prominent cosplays this year which includes Doom Slayer from the game Doom Eternal, Marcus Fenix from Gears of War and a version of Batman, which has been on his to-do list for a long time! Bundela is popular on Instagram under the name sameertikkamasala. Follow him to see some amazing cosplay art.