India Voice Fest 2019 brings the industry under one roof

From dubbing artists to radio presenters and narrators, voice actors have long regaled audiences across all age groups and yet we know very little about their identity. While their contribution to the media and entertainment sector is incalculably crucial, they are hardly recognized for their services to the media industry. Organised by Sugar Mediaz, India Voice Fest 2019 recently concluded on a promissory note. With an aim to recognise the artistry across all segments of the voice-acting ecosystem, the second edition of the India Voice Fest emerged as the aggregator platform for the otherwise fragmented voice industry. Fostering communications, networking and  new opportunities, India Voice Fest 2019 played host to voice industry’s crème de la crème and aspirants alike.
Panel Discussion at India Voice Fest 2019
Setting the tone for the event, India Voice Fest 2019 event kicked off with industry stalwart and the event organiser Darrpan Mehta giving his welcome remarks. In a bid to share insights, discover new talent and discuss the latest industry trends, the event saw a starry gathering of voice industry’s stalwarts who fervently participated in the sessions. Right from voice acting round table to freewheeling fireside chats, Rangsharda auditorium witnessed voice industry’s prolific names like Meghana Erande, Shernaz Patel Hrishikesh Kannan, Rahul Mulani, Ankur Javeri, Mona Shetty, Jyothi Nayak, Vaibhav More, Sumanto Ray, Rahul Patil, Kashik Memon to name a few. Highlighting the importance of avoiding the obsession with one’s own bass voice, urging the aspirants to not lose their soul while voice-acting and extolling the significance of “speaking less from the throat and more from the stomach”, panelists addressed the key learning points that revolve around the craft of voice artistry. Hosted by Harry Potter’s Hindi Dubbing artist Rajesh Kava, the event also witnessed a one of a kind voice hunt that attracted participation from every corner of the country.  
A session with Javed Jaffrey at
India Voice Fest 2019
Ace voice actor and celebrity Javed Jaffrey bestowed nuggets of insight about voice modulation and delved into his journey as an artist. He elaborated on his early observations during train commute that enormously helped him invent new characters which later became popular with the masses.  Cocking a snook at the censorship bodies, he also drew focus on the irrelevance of certain speech restrictions on television.  While a diversified panel that comprised of translators, writers, voice-over artists engaged in a healthy discussion about the pressing issues like perceived racism in the translated scripts of Hollywood movies, dialogue-dubbing synchronisation and representation; a dedicated discussion saw noted industry veterans discuss the early days of the voice ecosystem and their training in the craft. The panel included big names like Harish Bhimani, Brij Bhushan, Manohar Mahajan, Vishnu Sharma who spoke about their reverence for Padmashri-awardee and legendary radio broadcaster Ameen Sayani. It was followed by a power-packed session featuring voice industry veteran and professional playback singer Sudesh Bhosale who sang and mimicked his way into the hearts of the buzzing audience. He also spoke about his new studio facility through which he aims to help the voice acting ecosystem.  
Crowd cheering at Rangsharda Auditorium
The evening witnessed Bollywood biggies like Kabir Bedi, Tara Sharma and Javed Jaffery grace the Rangsharda auditorium. While Kabir Bedi expressed his gratitude  for galvanising the voice acting community, Tara Sharma received the posthumous award on behalf of her late father and legendary commentator Partap Sharma for his contribution to the voice acting ecosystem. Her session highlighted his influence on the present-generation artists and numerous works he was a part of. Proceedings of the event were taken forward with an award show that honoured the artistry across various segments of the voice industry ranging from dubbing to commentary and more.  
Kabir Bedi being felicitated at the
India Voice Fest 2019
The event concluded on a high note with a vote of thanks by Mehta to all the partners and forces that helped in setting up the platform. As we enter the golden age of content full of with digital offerings, the demand for voice talent has naturally quadrupled over the years. Correspondingly, OTT platforms and mobile applications have evolved creative mechanisms for voice content. In this scenario, events like this not only bring awareness of the industry trends and facilitate synergies but also bring the community together.