India set to participate with its biggest delegation in 2019 ACE Fair

VirtualSoft Technologies, Chandigarh, has scaled up the participation from India to the Gwangju Ace Fair this year which will be held from 26 to 29 September in Kimdaejung Convention Center, South Korea. The delegation is headed by Dean Chitkara University and VirtualSoft director Vineet Raj Kapoor. This is the largest Indian delegation to participate in Gwangju Ace Fair till date.

Virtualsoft is the official India partner and coordinator for ACE Fair. Along with AnimationXpress support, they have put together the biggest Indian Delegation to ACE Fair.

Acefair is a fabulous platform which connects the global animation VFX, comics, gaming and virtual reality sectors with players across the globe. The event offers a very cost-effective package for international and Indian buyers and sellers to interact with the Korean market.

Most of the participants are expecting to bag some business and some other especially gaming companies are participating with a motive to have international feedback of the games they have developed. 

Dinesh Raghav from Meraki Films commented that their main aim to attend ACE Fair 2019 is to find business partners to provide services in localisation of audios/videos (e.g., transcription, translation, music and effects separation, language dubbing, subtitling) and line production (for shooting in India, Thailand, Jamaica, Romania, Mexico).

Ashish Daga from Psypher Interactive is looking forward to meet likeminded Industry people and explore opportunities of working together in the gaming genre. 

Rishi Raja from Lazy Couch is attending the Acefair for the first time. They are expecting to expand their game development services outside India and are also looking forward to collaboration with other companies.

Coordinator of the Indian delegation Bikramjit Singh finds that Ace Fair is the most affordable way for an Indian Indie Studio to learn about international content markets. He says, “With a package costing less than a lakh of rupees including air ticket, hotel and stall, there is no way you can find an easier way to interact with international buyers. 

Delegates from India for Acefair (2019):

  1. Meraki Films, Dinesh Raghav
  2. Meraki Films, Creadosnell
  3. Bhasin Studios, Ankur Bhasin
  4. Bhasin Studios, Sushil Bhasin
  5. Jugnu Kids, Kamal Pahuja
  6. Psypher Interactive, Ashish Daga
  7. ALT Balaji, Sudarshan Kadam
  8. Tanvi International, Sameer Gupte
  9. Lazy Couch, Rishi Raja
  10. Lazy Couch, Sai Teja
  11. Yash Raj Kapoor, Y-Gaming
  12. Lakshya Digital, Mukund Vashishta
  13. Lakshya Digital, Arjun Agnihotri
  14. Vineet Raj Kapoor, VirtualSoft Technologies
  15. Sameer Gupte, Tanvi International
  16. Jyoti Rautela, Prismart
  17. Ambar Nair, BFX CGI
  18. Navin Miranda, Graphic India
  19. Mohit Ahluwalia, Prismart

Last Year’s (2018) delegation had VirtualCity Informatics (SXILL.IN), Rotomaker, Swastika Entertainment, Onetake Media, Ultra Media and Entertainment, VirtualSoft, AnimationXpress and Global Content Bazaar.

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