IGX 2020 to have a dedicated booth for and by the indie game devs to showcase games

One of the biggest struggles that an indie game developer faces is to get recognised in the industry, reaching out to the targeted audience and to get traction towards the game.  There are various reasons which can be responsible for such hindrance; one can be budget constraints, lack of promotional skills and so on. At the same time, an exposure or a little push from the industry usually comes as a boon for those indie game developers. Thinking of them UnderDOGS Gaming Studio, Lucid Labs, Psypher Interactive and Xigma Games have collaborated to launch ‘The Indie Booth’ at the Indian gaming expo IGX 2020 for Indie game developers to showcase their games according to the official Facebook post of UnderDOGS Gaming Studio founder and CEO Vaibhav Chavan. In conversation with Animationxpress Xigma games CEO and founder Himanshu Manwani shares that this is a collaborative initiative between other indies. With this they are inviting indie developers to submit their games in a designated form, post that if they get selected they get a chance to showcase their game at IGX 2020. “They will get to showcase their games to the crowd of over 30k. For many indie developers who are just starting out they may not have enough budgets to showcase their games so we are providing an opportunity to showcase their games at no cost,” added Manwani. IGX 2020 will be held on 21 March and 22 March and the last date to submit the entries is 7 March. Whether the game is released or under development, indie game developers can submit their projects and the selected games will receive an opportunity of free table space at IGX The Indie Booth. Panelists and experts will be selecting the games manually by reviewing each one of them and by picking the best ones for the showcase.