Hypr Games forays into frictionless instant games

Hypr Games, a gaming studio that produces and publishes highly-addictive casual and instant games recently launched two new Facebook instant games titles – Sea Battle and Word Challenge. U2opia Global, the Singapore based parent company has also earmarked USD 1 Million in investment for building new and interesting instant games under the title of Hypr Games. U2opia Global, co-founder and Group CEO¬†Sumesh Menon said, “Traditionally, the gaming industry has unlocked tremendous value with new disruptive distribution platforms like Console, PC, and Smartphones. We liked the seamless access and distribution scale of instant games through social platforms.” Facebook first opened instant platform for all developers in March 2018. There are 2.4 billion monthly active users on Facebook worldwide, with more than 600 million users who play games daily, with this Hypr Games plans to leverage this category and thus gain enormous distribution scale and virality. Sea Battle is a Classic Multiplayer Battleship Game and Word Challenge is a unique word puzzle game that allows you to compete against your friends and worldwide players. These game IPs are powered by in-house technology that enables to produce high quality frictionless social games designed exclusively for Facebook instant games. The core design and friction-less approach of the games allow the studio to extend distribution of these IPs to other chat messengers and social entertainment apps like Tik Tok and WeChat that has a commutative user base of 4 billion.