Hrithik Roshan joins hands with ‘Little Singham’ to convey a great message

Popular toon character Little Singham, who has inspired millions of children across the country with his deeds of bravery, has received a great lesson from Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan. Discovery Kids is currently running a promo featuring the Super 30 star sharing wisdom with Little Singham, and to children nationally through it. In the clip, Roshan will be seen mentoring the students in a classroom set-up. Speaking on the occasion Roshan said, “I love how Little Singham aims to impart strong values of bravery, nationalism in the children. I hope through Little Singham, children across the country will get the message that education is important and cannot be taken lightly. Education and knowledge truly empower you to go out there and achieve your dreams.” Reliance Animation & Rohit Shetty Picturez’s Little Singham, launched in collaboration with Discovery Kids, has been immensely popular with kids since its inception. The IP has helped in propelling ratings of Discovery Kids making it the fastest growing channel in the kid’s genre last year. Little Singham Mobile Game added to the IP’s success hitting the top of the charts in the Arcade section by garnering more than 10 million downloads. And now with the collaboration with Roshan, they intent to gain more momentum on the channel.