How was MIPCOM 2019 for Indians?

MIPCOM 2019 has ended, but the fever is still fresh in the minds of attendees. From the past few years, MIPCOM, has been attracting extensive participation from all over the world, especially Indian content creators, animation studios, broadcasters, programmers and distributors who are rushing to grace the French Riviera’s largest annual trade show. The largest international content market is changing rapidly and buyers and sellers are figuring out how to respond to the ever-shifting global landscape. Noted global players and storytellers are jetting down to buy for 900 odd channels and an emerging set of OTT players, syndicate and license features, drama series, kids’ shows or explore co-production deal-stitching opportunities. This corporate consolidation has become the talk of the town for theThe market  last few years and tops the list of must attend events of the year for Indians with content. The market has left an impact on the distribution business, while the evolution of the streaming services means there are more complex negotiations taking place than ever before.  Some of the notable names of the Indian content industry who actively participated in MIPCOM 2019 and have had a great, fruitful year are – Green Gold Animation founder and CEO Rajiv Chilaka, Tavrohi Animations founder Rohit Kataria, philmCGI managing director Anand Bhanushali, One Take Media founder and CEO Anil Khera, India Spark Syndication and Distribution consultant Khalid Khan, Cosmos-Maya SVP – Revenue and Corporate Strategy Devdatta Potnis, Brio Studios co-founder and creative director Dharati Ranekar, Rainshine entertainment COO  Anuraag Srivastava,  Services Export Promotion Council Director-General Sangeeta Godbole and Reed-MIDEM representative of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Representative MipTV  | MipDoc | MipCom | Mip Junior | MipCancun| MipChina| Asia Television Forum | Esports Bar Anil Wanvari. Few experts share their experience and take on this year’s MIPCOM : Green Gold Animation “We [Green Gold Animation] have partnered with Japan’s ADK Emotions for 3D animated series Nebula and the Big Blue Couch. We are so excited to introduce kids and their families to this show where the bond of friendship takes a curious group of youngsters on a journey to answer some of the most perplexing—and yet, everyday—questions about the world around them. And we couldn’t have asked for a better partner than ADK Emotions. Their innovative approach and deep understanding of children’s toys will help inspire kids across the globe to ask similar questions and fall in love with science as they search for answers.” – Chilaka Rainshine Entertainment   “We have been attending MIPCOM for the last two years, and each edition has brought with it, newer perspectives and insights into the entertainment landscape. This year’s theme, ‘The Streaming Offensive’, which focused on the dynamic shifts in global distribution models, the corresponding impact on content production and licensing, and the global direct-to-consumer challenges, was right up our alley. Rainshine Entertainment and our underlying companies have a sharp focus on creating innovative, clutter-breaking shows and IPs sharply focused on the next-gen streaming audiences, making MIPCOM a tailor-made platform for us. What’s uniquely interesting about MIPCOM is the fact that the forum is focused on knowledge sharing and forming partnerships, with people coming to the forum with the intention of exploring and closing deals. We had a great experience this year and both MIPCOM and MIPJunior helped us forge strategic business associations that will further propel Rainshine Entertainment as well as Kinsane Entertainment to the next level of growth.” – Srivastava. Cosmos-Maya “It was good, only that the market is getting slower than usual. Now, let’s see how things are going forward but nonetheless it’s good. Since MIPCOM is the largest market, seeing it a little slow is a little disturbing.” – Potnis. Tavrohi Animations    “A lot of elements go into the making of a film and even more into getting it to the right audience. MIPCOM makes what is possible, clearer, as the impossible only stands for an excuse. Meeting a wide array of people from all aspects of the TV and film industry has only helped me understand the need for originality and creativity not only in storytelling but in its very creation and Tavrohi Animations shall continue to uphold and meet the requirements of this ever-growing and demanding industry to set new benchmarks and standards.” – Kataria. One Take Media Co.   “MIPCOM, is a global platform for all media entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. One Take Media Co has been regularly participating in MIPCOM since last 4 years.  Year after year, our experience has been getting better and very encouraging. It is a good platform to meet and greet existing business partners, at the same time explore new customers/buyers. Due to regular presence every year, people who missed our booth last year visited us this time. We take our staff with us on rotation basis so that they also get exposure to the global platform for media and all the staff look forward to this reward. MIPCOM certainly ensures a global presence of our brand and gives us a great opportunity to discover potential platforms & find about new content. We wish the talented team of MIPCOM a greater success next year. Only one suggestion to MIPCOM organiser is about the entry cost, which is very high, is that it obstructs potential buyers to visit Exhibition.  In order to increase footfalls, we suggest, particularly for Asian visitors, there should be at least 50 per cent discount. This will certainly aid more footfall and thus more business for both exhibitors and better results for MIPCOM organisers.” – Khera. philmCGI  “It’s been a few years now that we have been visiting MIPCOM and every year the experience gets better. This time as well our experience was fantastic and we’ll make more announcements soon.” – Bhanushali. India Spark  “If I had to describe MIPCOM 2019 in a sentence, I would say, a quality and relevant gathering of who’s who of the entertainment ecosystem. Key word being quality. Unlike last year, MIPCOM this year was much more relaxed and both buyers and sellers equally found themselves with more time on their hands to access sellers catalogues or present content. In my opinion it was a great market this year.” – Khan. Brio Studio “It has been a great experience attending the MIPJunior and MIPCOM as one of the best markets this October; where I met many international colleagues, experienced producer’s, distribution experts, specialists in various formats from various locations. Personally I think this conference was very well organised and very successful. I fully enjoyed the one-week event with so many interesting meetings.” – Ranekar. Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) “The India Pavilion was a key support to all Indian participants, including those who were not on the stand! We projected a ‘ NEW INDIA- THE WORLD’S DIGITAL MEDIA HUB’. People did great business during MIPCOM at the pavilion. Smaller companies transacted assuredly and confidently. The release of the IP Guide of the Indian M&E sector at MIPCOM breaks the old narrative of India only being an outsourcing services destination. Some participants even suggested a vibrant ‘India Arena’ at the next MIPCOM, much larger and with the participation of all Indian companies together,” – Godbole Reed-Midem  “It was one of the best years in terms of sale as far as we are concerned from Reed-Midem perspective from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. We saw tremendous growth in the presence of South Asians. They came out in droves,  India Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh both for MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR. The meetings that they had were really really amazing from what I have heard. After speaking to clients, that’s what they told me.. It was a very robust MIPCOM and MIPJUNIOR” – Wanvari