How software providers perform with animation in online casino games

One of the most impressive and the most rewarding jobs out there is the animation development that is used for online slots. There are countless lost out there and each one is original and unique. Let’s see how and why this happens. Most games are still 2D but this will be changed any time soon As you may know already, many of the slots available online are in 2D. There are a lot of new slots developed in the same technology as well. However, this is changing as we speak. The newer slots are all 3D. Reasons, why this happens, is simple. 3D looks so much better and offers better gambling experience. Those slots look more modern and more sophisticated as well. All software providers have a team of personnel working on each slot. Few employees will develop 2D animations, others will develop 3D animations if needed and others will make general animations and poses of a game. The last segment of the process, developing general animations and poses is probably the most important part of the job and has the main impact on the slot itself. Introduction animations are usually outsourced The animations you see when the slot is loading are usually not developed by the software provider. Those animations are made by casinos themselves or by other companies that are working with the online casino in question. Another advantage of this fact is that slots are faster developed and they are able to be made more specific and with more details. Keep in mind that some software providers are able to provide their own introduction animations. However, this increases the overall cost and the time needed for a slot to be completed. This is especially common with the biggest game developers such as NetEnt, microgaming and others. In most cases the same animations that tell you about the developer are used. They are added or implemented into a new slot and the development time is decreased. Those animations are changed and upgraded over time in order to make the slot look so much better and more sophisticated. With the rising demand for online games microgaming has become popular in the online gaming industry. They furnish gamers with a wide assortment of exemplary casino games, for example, blackjack and poker, just as bingo, video slots, and a whole lot more check out Microgaming Software Review. Slot designer picks the theme, design and therefore animations When we take a look at the slot developments we can see that each and every slot is designed by a slot designer. This is a person who develops the theme, plans the animations, payables, bonuses and so much more. Think of him as a game developer who is working on a PC game. He must consider all the facts and all the features of a game. This is generally true but not always. In some cases, the developers will work closely with a designer. This matter is definitely worthy of discussing in detail. When a slot designer creates the theme and the main concept of a game, he then starts planning the details about the slot with developers. In some situations the slot is pre-planned by the designer himself. Then developers simply create suitable animations and the slot is alive.  But, if a designer doesn’t create a detailed plan, developers have the freedom to create any animation they want and to customise the slot precisely as they like. This happens rarely and in most situations both the designer and developers will work together to create a slot. The average time needed for the provider to create a slot varies and can be between a few days (the time is needed for basic animations and simpler 2D slots) up to one month. In one month, developers will be able to create a complete slot with all the animations and all the details a game must contain. We are referring to 2D slots. 3D slots take more time and they generally need two to three weeks of longer development to be completed. Not all the slots manage to become successful and popular. Some slots are developed but they do not meet the license regulations. As such they are discarded. Of course, providers will be able to use the coding and animations or other parts of the slot for other games. The next main thing we can reveal here is the fact each provider has well-known slots, at least a few of them that are popular and common in the highest number of online casinos. Other providers are planning on developing a slot with these advantages. The final word Slots are the best and the most popular type of online casino games in the world. They are generally developed in 2D but this is changing as we speak. You can play online slots for real money – at HEX recommended sites to see it yourself. New slots are developed in 3D and they come with impressive features, advanced capabilities and so much more. Those animations will impress you and now you know the details about the entire process and how those animations are made.