Hotstar Premium Mumbai Screening of the ‘Game of Thrones’ S7: Winter is finally here while fight for the iron throne begins

Hotstar Premium had a special screening of the much anticipated  season 7 of the Game Of Thrones in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore simultaneously. It was an uncensored screening of the first episode at the Summer House Cafe, Lower Parel, Mumbai on 17 July 2017 at 7:30 pm. The episode lasted for 56 minutes and was screened specially for the Game of Thrones lovers on a big screen. Exclusive Game of Thrones journals, merchandise etc were distributed to the audience.The event was conducted in association with Comic Con India. Speaking about the story, it is looking like a promising start to the much awaited seventh season.White Walkers are marching towards the wall and nothing can kill them except Dragonglass. Samwell finds out that there is a mountain of Dragon classes under the castle of Dragonstone. It starts with Walder Frey inviting all his family members for a second feast. Then he gives them poison in their wine and it turns out to be Arya Stark who wears the face of Walder Frey who had died in the previous episode that is the tenth episode of season 6. And in the north, Jon Snow readies his defence and Cersei is seen discussing all the problems they are facing with Jamie.  Snow holds a meeting at the Winterfell with all the Stark bannermen where he makes a decision regarding House Umber and House Karstark, leading to little Ned Umber and Alys Karstark pledging their loyalty to the Starks and in exchange getting to keep their families’ estates, something about which his sister Sansa makes her objections known.   And Daenerys Stormborn has finally reached her birthplace. She looks like all ready to take back the Iron Throne and she has a large army. Overall, it is a decent start to season 7. It does not have any hardcore action but the plot is set in the right ways for a great season ahead. The most capturing part of the series is the sweet guest appearance of Ed Sheeran in the Lannister army while humming a song. The audience cheered and hooted on his appearance at the premiere. And the visual effects are on point as usual with the snow covered mountains, birds and castle. So, looking forward for the upcoming episodes to come it has only 7 episodes this time . It looks like we have a great season in store and the winter is finally here. Undoubtedly the long wait for the winter gets over after six seasons. Now the pricking questions in all minds is who will be getting the iron throne? Whether it will be Daenerys, mother of dragons or Cersei Lannister. There are even speculations of Jon Snow being the winner in the fight. At the show premiere, there were people specially dressed up with characters like Cersie Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow. The audience clicked pictures with them and had a gala time.Stay updated  with us for more news on the Game of Thrones season 7.