Top seven VR Games of 2019

This year, virtual reality (VR) games have carved a niche of their own, giving a push to virtual gameplay  experience that we’ve never witnessed before. As the year is drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to glance over the incredible VR games. No Man’s Sky The popular dense space exploration game can be played on the PlayStation 4’s VR headset. You plunge right into the heart of the new worlds. There is a vast space home to a load of celestial thing that you discover as you go along and piece your ship together. Pistol Whip A VR rhythm shooter that engages your body in an immersive way. It’s easy to learn yet challenging. You’re constantly upgrading and moving about levels while dodging enemy bullets, James Bond-style, to the well-suited beats. If you love VR and music, this game presents you the package. Stormland Have a thing for aliens? This expansive VR game from Insomniac takes you in the world of Stormland, an alien sky full of exotic life and scattered android civilization. Battle robots, fly across chasms, bound up cliffs—the environment is structured to make the player feel incredible. Asgards Wrath This 25-hour fantasy role-playing epic is just otherworldly as you are welcomed into the embrace of another world altogether. Touted as the best VR experience, it was built from the ground up for VR specifically makes it extraordinary. As you go through the experience, you switch back and forth between your towering God form and your mortal form, which has special powers.

Vader Immortal It’s your Star Wars special!This Star Wars adventure was created by ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm in collaboration with Oculus Studios. In the experience, you are a smuggler, lured into a scheme by Darth Vader himself. With the help of your droid winman, you maneuver through  the dangers of the fortress, sharpen your lightsaber skills, and get acquainted with new characters along the way.
A Fisherman’s Tale This is a VR puzzle adventure game from InnerspaceVR. A storm means you need to leave your cabin and that’s when you realise everything has spiralled out of order. The core mechanic of the puzzles in the game is that you can shrink and grow the size of any objects that are interactive. Be warned! You will be hooked! Red Matter In Red Matter, you play as Agent Epsilon—a super-spy astronaut—and you are equipped with various hi-tech tools to decipher hidden messages and investigate the facility. The graphics in this game are spectacular. The gameplay is brilliant too—the puzzles are specific to their environment and make you think, but are not too difficult. We hope you enjoyed out list of VR games that we would like for all of you to try out.