Here are some of the best animation schools in the world

If you are looking for a career in the field of animation, you must definitely be on a lookout for the best animation schools in the world. Here is a list of five of the top animation schools globally! Every student is different and has different requirements, skill sets and aspirations when it comes to their career. With the right animation degree, it is not just about learning animation games and graphics. Today, animation experts can try their hands in just about everything, including Canadian online casinos. In fact, if you are good at animation, you might never have to look for work. There should always be something for you. The top animation schools you can study in: This comprehensive list covers five different animation schools that might help you in narrowing down your top picks soon! RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia: The RMIT University in Melbourne offers three different animation programs. One is a postgraduate degree program called the Master of Animation, Games, and Interactivity. The other two are undergraduate programs – Bachelor of Media & Communication (Honors) and Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media). Furthermore, they also offer a year-long diploma course in Interactive Digital Media. Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Canada: Prospective students can choose to pick between one of the two undergraduate courses offered by the Ontario College of Art & Design. They are Drawing & Painting path and an Integrated Media path. In addition to that, there are various other graphic designing, advertising and illustration programs that can be picked. ARTFX, Montpellier, France: ARTFX is a wonderful choice for an animation school as it offers a swift placement after post-graduation. ARTFX is one of the most renowned and popular studios in France and all around the world. The graduates of this particular school have known to later work on movies such as Skyfall, Thor, etc. They offer a plethora of different courses, and their website is laden with success stories of their alumni. Toonz Academy, Kerala, India: The Toonz Academy is an impressive school of animation that keeps growing and impressing year by year. They offer myriad programs in graphic designing, 3D game development, visual effects, etc. However, its most popular course till date is undoubtedly Animation Filmmaking Advanced (AFMA). Students who do this course can quickly find internships in the reputed Toonz Animation Studio itself. Tokyo School of Anime, Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo School of Anime just might be the best decision you make this season! The list of the programs they offer includes Anime Creator World, Anime Business World, Voice Actor & Vocalist World and a lot more! They teach flash animation and focus on essential aspects such as colour theory, and character design. Getting the right education You need to know the basics well to succeed here – and that involves knowing the latest trends. The best animation schools can help you in that regard. This list is a lifesaver for all those students who end up confused after researching for the best animation schools in the world. Choose any one of these, and you’re golden!