Green Gold’s surprise: Super Bheem and Kirmada face off this Monday on POGO

Super Bheem, a weekly TV series on Pogo, is coming with a twist for the kids this Monday, 1 May, 2017. Pogo and Green Gold Animation wanted to keep the time of the telecast a secret for the kids to create a surprise for them. After the good ratings and popularity among the kids for the Super Bheem episodic TV series, Pogo and Green Gold Animation have come up with this larger than life episode. The title of the episode is “Kirmada Ki Wapsi” who is dubbed as the ultimate adversary of Super Bheem. Super Bheem fights the powerful Kirmada who is on a spree, taking over the planets one by one, wiping down civilisations. Super Bheem thwarts his evil intentions of becoming the most powerful person in the universe. For the first time, Kirmada and Super Bheem will appear together on television. Talking about the episode, Green Gold Animation founder and Chhota Bheem creator, Rajiv Chilaka stated, “As everyone is gearing up for the long weekend, Pogo and we are all set to add excitement quotient to the daily routine of our young fans. Every Sunday there has been a new episode for the Super Bheem lovers, but this Sunday there will be a power-packed surprise just for the kids where they have to find out the timing of their favourite show. This Sunday, the kids would be surprised to see the comeback of the main villain who is coming on TV for the first time with Super Bheem.” The series kicked off with brand new Super Bheem episodes and a new story every weekend. It quickly found itself catapulted to the top of the list in the kids’ segment. Bheem never ceases to surprise kids and holding onto their attention, Green Gold Animation is planning to bring fresher stories for their young fans.