Google’s Stadia controller now works wireless on Android

According to  the most recent update of Google Stadia app on Android, you can now browse your games in landscape orientation, a long-requested addition.Google is issuing a Stadia update to its Android app today that will enable wireless support. It will also be a good opportunity for Stadia subscribers to test how well the Stadia controller roams between a Chromecast, the web, and Android devices

Google originally launched its Stadia service back in November as a subscription to stream games to TVs, Android phones, and the web. Wireless controller support was strangely missing at launch for Android devices, which meant you had to awkwardly connect the Stadia controller using USB.

Up until recently, to play Stadia games on Android you needed to connect a separate controller, with many players using a mount or “claw” to hold their phone and controller together. Since these accessories typically hold your phone in the landscape orientation, it seemed almost silly to think that the Stadia app for Android was limited to portrait until you got into a game. Starting with version 2.23 of the Stadia app, which also enables the ability to connect the Stadia controller to your phone wirelessly, the entire Stadia app now works in landscape mode.With landscape orientation offering more horizontal screen real estate, the Stadia app is able to show more of your games and captures at once than portrait allowed. For example, on the Pixel 3, instead of only seeing one or two of my Stadia games at a time in portrait, I can see as many as four in landscape. Otherwise, everything in the app looks and feels identical, with the change simply saving folks from holding their phone awkwardly when switching games.