Google celebrates Earth Day with special animated doodle

Google today marked the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day with a special animated doodle dedicated to our planet and one of its smallest organisms – the bees. 22 April is celebrated as Earth Day every year to raise public awareness about the environment and urge people to keep it safe. The doodle begins with an introduction about pollination in the backdrop of a fantastic animation as you click on the play button. The introduction is followed by the game wherein the user can make bees pollinate flowers by moving the mouse. The Google doodle art was led by Gerben Steenks, with engineering by Jacob Howcroft and Stephanie Gu. Google partnered with The Honeybee Conservancy, a nonprofit organisation to create the doodle. “What we love about today’s Google Doodle is how it captures the impact a single bee has on the plants and habitats it visits. Imagine then, the pollinating power that trillions of bees have on ecosystems around the world! Today’s Doodle also reminds us all of how small actions performed by individuals everywhere add up to big results,” wrote The Honeybee Conservancy founder and executive director Guillermo Fernandez in the doodle page.