GodSpeed Games to hit the sacred Indian nerve with Bollywood and cricket

Pune based gaming solution company GodSpeed Games  is gearing up to enter into two new domains which touch the pulse of India. Yes, we are talking about Bollywood and cricket! The company which has delivered services to stream such as 505 Games, FluidGames, Games2win is planning to have a gaming cricket league as well as a Bollywood musical rhythm based game. GodSpeed is building a multiplayer sports engine which can be used to deliver one’s favourite sports games across all the major gaming platforms. It will soon be releasing its first android game using the sports engine. In an exclusive interview with Animation Xpress, founder Ranbeer Hora spilled the beans on what’s in store for future. Ranbeer said, “We have picked country’s favourite sport cricket to be our first title.We have created a passively multiplayer online cricket game where players compete against other players in simulated scenarios. The idea is to build your own squad and then compete with other teams with random challenges that are controlled from server.” It offers both matchmaking as well as options to play against your Facebook friend. We have tried to keep the controls simple so that everyone can get a hang of it easily. The other IP it  is working on is in association with its publishing partners You42. It is bringing their musical title Duel Beats for global audiences with added Bollywood tadka to it. Duel Beats is a competitive VS beat rhythm battle game. It takes down your friends in an adrenaline fueled musical battles where each tap and swipe inflicts major damage. The current English version of the title is already live and was also featured by Apple. Godspeed will be adding more heroes and contents specific to a Bollywood themed title and will be releasing it globally. It even intends to localise the title for its Indian audiences and come up with packs offering regional music to the players. The title is scheduled for mid-2018 release. Ranbeer feels, “For every startup, finding the perfect marketing strategy holds the key for success. Having a great product alone is not enough to succeed in today’s competitive world. At the same time, no amount of marketing will make a crap product gain a mass audience.” He added, “To be successful you must have a great product as well as great marketing. We have thereby laid out our business vision to define our strategy.” GodSpeed Games has two different verticals – one is the services division and other is its production and publishing arm. It is a licensed studio with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Currently it is also building up its production arm and is actively looking for skilled individuals to join its team. The company is working on its first mobile game to be released globally on android by the first week of November. Currently, it has hit its milestone and the title is under closed beta stage. It has also signed up two international IPs and will be bringing up these IPs for Indian audiences with around a mid 2018 release.