Go Go Power Rangers: all the Rangers swap colours

Power RangersThe Power Rangers are undergoing a change with colours as they swap among each other. Presumably, they will swap their weapons and Zords as well. Over the years, Power Rangers have gone through a lot in the comics, but this is the newest version of change. Even the incarnation of this iconic team was made and brought together by the Shattered Grid event. The upcoming comic book by BOOM! Studios named as Go Go Power Rangers will focus on the original Mighty Morphin team. In the book, Jason will trade in his red T. Rex for a yellow Pterodactyl and Trini takes on the role of the Red Ranger. Even the Rangers’ costumes are adjusting slightly in order to appropriately reflect the wearers’ gender. This comes clear from the latest cover from the issues #14-16. With this change, each and every character will be affected in one way or another. This will mark as the first time when someone other than Jason will take the role of the Red Ranger during the Mighty Morphin era. On another hand, Trini was never considered to be a better suited one which is the reason that seeing her take the responsibility of the leader is exciting. What’s more interesting is that in changing her hue, Trini technically becomes the first female Red Ranger chronologically speaking, and the third ever, joining the ranks of Super Samurai‘s Lauren and SPD’s Charlie. The whole list of Rangers with their new colours Trini, the original Yellow Ranger, is the new Red Ranger Kimberly, the original Pink Ranger, is the new Blue Ranger Zack, the original Black Ranger, is the new Pink Ranger Jason, the original Red Ranger, is the new Yellow Ranger Billy, the original Blue Ranger, is the new Black Ranger Tommy is not a Power Ranger yet because Go Go is a prequel The cover of Go Go Power Rangers #16 is illustrated by series cover artist Dan Mora. The detail of the storyline is not completely revealed, but the books hit the market in October with issue #13 of Go Go Power Rangers, the first issue following the end of Shattered Grid.