Global Esports’ ‘Overwatch’ charity tournament for Covid-19 relief raises more than Rs. 50,000

With mainstream sports around the world on hold, people are increasingly turning to games to fill the empty hours of lockdown and isolation. Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected many lives and in response to the outbreak, everyone is coming forward to contribute and do their bit. In midst of it, Global Esports has recently organised Overwatch charity tournament, titled as Janata Curfew Cup to come as a support to the affected. In this tournament a newer team Mukesh Vada Idli won the title after beating PEPEGA in the final bout with 3:1 score. The three-day tournament started from 11 April and went on till 13 April and was streamed live on official Overwatch– GE YouTube page. The final collection of prize pool for the charity tournament crossed Rs 50,000 mark and the winner from the tournament will be donating to the charity of their choice. A total of 11 teams participated in the tournament including GE Synerge and they lost in round two of best of three against Mukesh Vada Idli with 1:2 score. With the charity tournament and community matches, Global Esports is aiming to contribute in its own way by supporting people to continue to fight the virus by striving the motivation high. As they told earlier that are taking an initiative to organise custom games in PUBGM and CODM. “By virtue of this task at hand, Global Esports has been hosting #JanataCurfewCustoms tournaments and community events/scrims for all popular games like – PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Freefire, Overwatch and CS:GO,” said a spokesperson GE team.