Gifts you can buy for gamers this Diwali

Diwali is that time of the year when friends and family unite, where the lights and fireworks decorate the sky and one thing which each one of us anticipates from our dear ones is the gifts. To be very honest gift exchange is one of the prior reasons behind our year-long wait for Diwali which cannot be ignored. And when it comes to gift gamers, it becomes very difficult to figure out what to gift? To simplify your dilemma in finding out gifts we have rounded up five cool gifts to gift the gamers this Diwali. > PS4 Games It might seem like yesterday but it’s been a while that PS4 has launched in India. Currently, there are a lot of PS4 games available from Rs 500 onwards. The most popular PS4 games presently available in the market, which gamers will love to receive as Diwali gifts are Red Dead Redemption  2 (launched a few weeks back), Marvel’s Spider-ManFifa 19God of War and more. Excluding Red Dead Redemption 2 which costs around Rs 4000 at Amazon, other popular games will cost between Rs 2500 to Rs 3000. Considering the festive season, PS4 is also giving 27 per cent discount on the VR game Tekken 7 and the offer is valid till 8 November. > Arcade Cabinet If you really want to become famous as ‘best buddy’ among your relatives and friends who are gamers then gift them an arcade cabinet. This might look vintage but it has been in the fantasy of every gamer available in the world to own one. The full sized arcade cabinet features retro games like Street Fighter, Rampage, Centipede, Asteroids, Galaga and many more. Usually, full-size cabinets are about four feet tall and it will definitely allow one to add some food and drinks to survive those long hours of game playing sessions. Not only that one can buy as small as bar top or table top arcade cabinet which will do the same magic to the gamers. > VR Headset Virtual reality headset is one such gadget which every gamer have either experienced at least once or it is still slightly out of reach, as some headsets require an expensive gaming computer or an Android smartphone to run excluding Oculus Go which has built-in display and motion tracking feature. There are a lot of VR gadgets available at the market from Vive to Oculus which completely changes the gaming experience into a whole new level. So a VR headset will be convenient for those gamers who want to lift their gaming skills and experience the next level. > Control Charger As long sessions of gameplay drain the controller battery fast; gifting a control charger to a gamer is always a wise option. A control charger becomes a convenient accessory since it is an affordable, quick and easy way to recharge PS4 controllers. YEAM PS4 is one such control charger which fully recharges two controllers in just two hours. As Amazon is running a discount on PS4 accessories and games, you might get the controller as cheap as Rs 3000. >Gaming Headsets If your gamer friend or relative is more interested in the sounds coming out of gaming headset rather than glowing LEDs, macro keys and other unreasonable extras, then wireless headset will be perfect for them. Sound plays a crucial role in gaming, it transports that gamer to the gaming world completely. Think of which we will recommend headsets like V-MODA Crossfade Wireless, Astro A50 Steel series Siberia 840 as a gift for gamers this Diwali. There are lot of other options to gift your loved ones who are gaming freaks, from comfortable bean bags to wireless controller and it is endless. This is our pick in considering the Indian gamers so now choice is yours. Pick that one gift for Diwali which will make your gamer ones happy and delighted when they receive it. Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!!