Games on Birds are passé; it’s time for ‘Brainy Dogs’ – A Nilee Games’ upcoming IP

An intelligent dog trying to reach for the bone through a puzzle sounds to be an interesting concept that has never been tried before. This is the latest premise of Mumbai based Nilee Games which is preparing to launch an exciting IP that will bring puzzle and cute dogs together. The objective of the game is for the player to attempt and stop the dog from getting to the bone. “The game took six months to develop including internal quality assurance; this is our first big IP. A lot of research has gone into the concept of the game,” said Anand Jha, Founder of Nilee Games. Developed in HTML5, the puzzler will be released initially on the Android and iOS devices with possibility to reach across different platforms like social networking sites, web portals, smart TV’s and different mobile operating devices. “We are currently testing across various age sections and will be releasing the game within the first or second week of November. We intend to self publish the game but will also try to collaborate with other publishers for better distribution and outreach for the game,” he revealed. In app-purchases will provide players premium products but the purchases will entirely depend on the users. Earning power-ups during the play will also add to the inventory without the player investing a single penny in the game. The company is solely focusing on the ‘Brainy Dogs’ IP and is waiting for the right opportunity to publish the game. A lot of innovative concepts have been planned around the game and if the game will be successful a franchise too is in the pipeline. “Brainy Dogs will be a big competitor among the latest puzzle games that have been around and have been widely accepted by the people. Also the vibrant theme and the brainstorming will be a thrilling experience,” ends Anand.