Gamerji to be selected in the accelerator program by Qatar Sports Tech

Gamerji, one of India’s most prominent e-sports tournament platform has become the first ever Indian startup to be selected in the accelerator program by Qatar Sports Tech – A sports-centric startup investor and accelerator based in Doha, Qatar. Qatar Sports Tech runs an accelerator program for startups that use cutting edge technology to reshape the industry of sports. Having competed against 1600 startups from over 15 countries. Gamerji was selected in the top 10 list of startups from across the world for the program. As part of the program, Qatar Sports Tech will invest $150 thousand in Gamerji and incubate the company while also creating a base in Qatar, opening avenues to the Middle East market. Launched in 2019, Gamerji was founded by Soham Thacker and Varun Gajjar. Within a short span, Gamerji  already has over 120K gamers on their platform. Gamerji allows gamers to compete, communicate, share content and win cash prizes by conducting more than 15 tournaments every day. Gamers can leverage their skills and earn money from the hours spent. It presently offers games such as PUBG, Clash Royale and Call of Duty. Offered to the public as a mobile application, it is available for Android and iOS users for convenient use. Speaking on the expansion and funding, Gamerji co-founder, Soham Thacker said, “Esports as an industry is rapidly growing and Gamerji has the capacity to have more than a million gamers competing in the next 6 months. The company is also looking to raise its seed round soon.” Esports as an industry is fairly new in the Indian market. Most tournaments held are hosted offline or on social media platforms. While the registrations, player management and payments are handled using different platforms. Gamerji has consolidated these procedures and is now a one-stop platform for e-sports tournaments. While most the esports companies are focused on either conducting offline tournaments on a grand scale or sponsoring teams, there has been no attention on casual gamers who comprise of the majority of the market. Gamerji has researched and has taken interest in the mindset of today’s casual gamer who on an average spend over 2+ hours daily playing online games. These gamers are looking for an opportunity to make money and attain recognition by using their skills, and Gamerji provides them with this opportunity.