‘Game of Thrones’s recent episode brings all the Starks together

Game of Thrones The last of the StarksĀ opened with a wide angle shot of funeral pyres on the ice field where all the characters are gathered to offer their condolences to the fallen. The enemy is finally defeated and the night is spent with characters basking in the celebratory glory of the victory.
Making of Game of Thrones
We can see funeral pyres that have been multiplied using VFX techniques against the backdrop of chroma screens.
Fired up
The first being physically built are then extended to make them look like thousands and thousands of them.
Funeral Pyres
We see the glances cast across each other signifying and covering the emotional arcs of the characters. It’s also worth observing that equations we have seen building are beginning to rupture over the right to the throne. We see the Starks being made aware of Jon’s real parentage which makes him a worthy candidate of the thrones. We see Sansa warning the Dragon Queen regarding the overwrought and exhausted army that needs to recuperate before being thrust into another war. Danny refuses to heed citing the possibility of the enemy getting stronger with time.
Scorpian Lenux
Greyjoys fleet launches a surprise attack on, shooting one of the dragons flying in the sky that plummets to his death. Although the weapon is real, it is shot against the green screen to replicate fleet scenes.
Dragon plummeting to its death
As described one of the gnarliest pieces of animation, one can see how writing and struggling can be seen as the arrow pierces through the dragon and it crisscrosses downwards into the sea.
Boat chaos and destruction
One can see the use of the green screen to portray the struggle and evacuation scenes once the ship gets wrecked. As characters leave the ship like rats deserting a sinking vessel.
Castle scenes
Here we can see the entire artwork of VFX building with the whole entry of the area scene built where negotiation attempts are made and Cersei bitterly resorts to spite and violence. We hope to give you more updates around VFX shots in Game of Thrones in the next episode. Stay Tuned.