‘Game of Thrones’ episode two of the final season limbers up for the ominous battle, revealing a larger landscape

Game of Thrones season eight’s second episode opened with a larger Winterfell than the one we are familiar with. And justifiably so, since almost everyone has congregated at one place where the winter has finally descended with chills running down the spines of characters that are limbering up for the final culmination of a decade-long build up.
The wall has fallen and its terrifying implications are set to unfold over the next few weeks starting from the next episode. The entire set had to be redesigned and expanded to fit in the breadth of characters that have converged at Winterfell. The lull before the storm is what the characters are capitalising on as they make their way through the night. The judgement on whether or not Jamie Lannister can be trusted transpires with the dragon queen sitting flanked by Sansa Stark and Jon Snow.
Jamie’s Trial
The thrum of scrutiny is interrupted by Lady Brienne and Tyrion vouching for the ‘Kingslayer’ in the teeth of opposition and spite, leading to his acceptance in the team.  As the pall of doom looms over Winterfell, we see some much-needed confrontations.
Sansa and Danny
We almost see Daenerys and Sansa bonding over their common interests until Sansa asks her about the fate of Winterfell. Silence before the storm is filled with a long night packed with some quaffing ale over the reflective conversations, the best one being the irony of the set of characters who had once been at odds with the house now pledging to defend it.
Assembled characters get together
Lady Brienne’s recognition invokes endearment as we see Jamie ceremoniously conferring the knighthood on the one that has only ever spent her life in the service of others. In the spirit of carpe diem, Arya explores her bolder side with Gendry as they are all uncertain about whether they will see the light of day.
Knighthood scene
We see Bran helping out with the strategy of countering White Walkers as he points to the motives of the Night King who is after the Three-eyed Raven that Bran has become. Jamie Lannister’s acquittal sets him off on a repentance trip as he makes amends with folks while wandering the snowed streets of Winterfell. Here you see some green screens to enhance the scenes.
The revelation of Jon’s Parentage
Daenerys Targaryen seems to be driven by her lust for the throne more than her love for Jon as we see her feeling almost miffed and threatened when she learns the truth about Jon’s parentage. We are expecting the next episode to be packed with visual effects and war situations. Stay tuned.