GAFX 2018 was an absolute hit with the industry!

GAFX 2018 wrapped up by opening multiple facets to the aspiring animators, game developers and artists around the globe.

With exciting sessions ongoing throughout the entire venue, many screenings made their way to the event as well. Students, artists, industry biggies and enthusiasts joined GAFX 2018 with great pleasure and took home with them a huge bag of knowledge and insights.

It was the same venue as 2017, but this year the conference had surely upped its game with various new aspects added to it. The AVGC B2B event which opened in November made its way back to GAFX for its second edition. The competitions saw participation from flocks of enthusiastic students as ever.

The highlighting sessions of the entire event included the Women in AVGC, incubation of COE (Centre of Excellence), show reel of the making of Blade Runner, Oscar winner for VFX; screening of TOKRI, the national award winning short film to name a few. The session assigned to Kannada films made the Bengaluru crowd scream with joy and nostalgia.

The crowd was in awe when the industry names showcased the mind-blowing work in VFX and animation. Competitions and exhibitions made way to upcoming talents in the industry and GAFX 2018 played the perfect platform for them. Competitions varied from story writing to 3D modelling, 3D game art, hackathon, character animation, clay sculpting, and digital painting to name a few. The winners were awarded at the valedictory awards which also recognised and awarded the work of legendary names like Bhimsen Khurana.

GAFX 2018 introduced the DAC (Digital Art College) program which has 27 colleges as partners who have converted their colleges to DAC centres, creating a huge shift in the art industry. The entire ABAI committee thanked all those present at the do for making the event a huge success!

There was too much to the conference to sum up, but overall, the attendees, both speakers and students, we spoke to, passed the same verdict that the event was extremely fruitful to them and they would love to attend the future editions of it and so would we!

See what the speakers had to say about the event!