FuseFX announces availability of custom-built driving rig

Los Angeles-based visual effects studio FuseFX has announced the availability of its custom-built driving rig called the FuseFX OmniCAM, a compact, portable, on-location solution to capture high-quality driving plates that are essential to client productions.

Designed to save productions’ time and money, the FuseFX OmniCAM is easy to ship, can be mounted on almost any vehicle and captures a seamless 24K-resolution, 360-degree environment plate in a single pass. With the company’s personnel oversight, the resulting footage feeds directly into FuseFX’s proprietary Nucleus pipeline, making it immediately available for visual effects shot production. The rig features built-in stabilisation, reflection capture, customisable plate configurations and the ability to change settings on the fly. It can serve as a fully functional, high-resolution VR rig as well.

“So many of our clients need car composites and background plates on an ongoing basis but they don’t want to burn through the time and budget it takes to set up special rigging, and they’ve grown tired of purchasing generic stock footage when they’re in a pinch,” said FuseFX original founder and CEO David Altenau.

“With the FuseFX OmniCAM, we can capture the exact footage clients need and ensure there are no continuity issues. Plus, we can help clients build libraries of backgrounds that they can draw on time and time again. We supply a complete package, with a goal to capture the best possible footage affordably and efficiently. This rig is a serious stress-reducer for our clients. We already have clients using it with great results.”