‘Frozen 2’ earns $3.2 million in India and $350.2 million worldwide till date

Elsa and Anna have received a hearty welcome in India! Frozen 2, that released on 22 November, has become the biggest weekend grosser for animated movies in India. It has earned Rs. 22.74 Crore (about $3.2 million) in three days, surpassing Disney’s Incredibles that grossed Rs. 22.3 Crores in India.  Frozen 2 earned Rs. 3.35 crore on the day of release and doubled its collections on day two as it collected Rs. 6.75 crore on Saturday.  Worldwide, the sequel to animated classic Frozen (2013), has brought in an estimated $350.2 million (about Rs. 2,509 crores) in its opening weekend at the global box office, delivering the biggest opening for an animated movie of all time in the process.  Frozen 2 has passed over Disney’s own offerings – The Lion King remake ($245.95 million) and Toy Story 4 ($244.52 million) from earlier this year. Additionally, Frozen 2 also delivered the biggest opening weekend for a Disney Animation title and second-best for Disney Animation and Pixar in India. Of its $350.2 million opening weekend, Frozen 2 garnered an estimated $127 million (about Rs. 910 crores) in the US and Canada, with the remaining estimated $223.2 million (about Rs. 1,600 crores) coming in from 37 other markets. China ($53 million) was the biggest of all, followed by the likes of South Korea ($31.5 million), Japan ($18.2 million), UK ($17.8 million), Germany ($14.9 million), France ($13.4 million), Mexico ($9.3 million), Indonesia ($6.2 million), the Philippines ($6.1 million), and Spain ($5.8 million). As per Deadline, this was the highest opening weekend ever for an animated title in France, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, the UAE, and Ukraine; and highest 3-day opening weekend in Iceland and the UK. It was also the third highest industry opening of all time in Korea, and the third highest opening weekend of all time for an animated title in China. Frozen 2 also delivered the highest opening weekend ever for a Disney Animation / Pixar movie in China, Germany, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. In addition to India, this is also the highest opening weekend for a Disney Animation title in Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Mexico and Peru. This week, Frozen 2  will be released in Italy on Wednesday, followed by Australia, Chile, Greece, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine on Thursday, and Lebanon on Friday.