French video game distributor who had allegedly leaked PS4, Neo 4K denies claims of having any information

With Sony already announcing that they will be releasing their VR device for PS4, PS VR in October this year, the speculations about an upgraded edition of PS4 has also been doing rounds throughout the community. A post from a major French video game distributor, Innelec Multimedia, had instigated the speculation further as their press release on a stock website named claimed that ‘Neo 4K’ was likely to hit the shelves sometime during the first half of the company’s fiscal year, which is April, 2016 to March, 2017, meaning the product should be released somewhere during September 2016. PSVR Now, that being said, it actually sounded like a possibility. As Sony is all set to launch its VR device into the market, the company might very well be looking forward to an enhanced console to support the system. The Neo 4K supposedly features a better hardware system with an improvised GPU, CPU and memory. Also, reportedly the games have to be ‘Neo ready’ by October, although they will be required to run on the original one. There has been no communication from the side of Sony regarding the connection, but the timings of the release of the products seem too good to be a coincidence. Although, in a recent update on the issue on, Innelec Multimedia released a statement shifting from their earlier claims saying: “Innelec denies any official information about the launch of a PS4K Neo. It is possible that during the 2016 / 2017 fiscal developments exist on the current PS4 (but) for the moment we have no information about the nature of them.” Although, there is still no clarity about the facts, the expectations are still high. We will just have to wait for a while and find out.