Freelance AVGC artists, here’s your brand new virtual workspace!

                                                                         “Deer” people, here’s your new workspace! WorkDeer’ gives the CG community big reason to cheer. As the world buckles up to ward off the corona virus threat and prepares for the new work order, one thing looks certain; remote work will gain more traction. Worldwide, a far greater proportion of work will now be done from home as people become more health-conscious and many services across industries start moving online. While ‘remote work’ as a concept has been in existence for quite some time now, the pandemic is driving fresh demand for IT-driven business and one of the biggest beneficiaries is the freelance eco-system, especially the digital media and entertainment industry comprising CG artists and the Animation, VFX, Gaming and Graphic Design studios worldwide. WorkDeer, a new technology bridge between CG artists and digital media studios is all set to drive freelance project execution through a robust virtual workspace that offers incredible ease, efficiency and value for studios and artists. The business model and platform is primed for the post-corona work-from-from home era apart from addressing other challenges and constraints that hitherto hampered the industry. In the gaming, animation and VFX sectors, it is not uncommon to find studios without work between projects and during periods of recession. In these challenging times when productivity is low, most studios swing into crisis mode to reduce cash burn by quickly lowering headcount. Since artist salaries are quite high, the damage can be severe, especially during extended periods of recession. This calls for dynamic hiring to optimise productivity with continuous rationalization of headcount. Unfortunately, studios which downsize swiftly during recession are unable to increase headcount easily when business improves. WorkDeer was also born out of the need to address this market gap efficiently and cost-effectively. It strives to deliver optimal cost-per-hire and time-to-hire for studios through registered freelance artists on its online workspace. It also identifies the latent need to facilitate projects and extra income for freelance artists who prefer the flexibility and freedom of setting one’s own schedule and being one’s own boss over the perks of a full time job. WorkDeer, the transformative digital media and entertainment enabler is all set to transform the landscape with its influential model. Its virtual platform acts as the online confluence of clients and freelance artists in the gaming, animation, and VFX space. WorkDeer is passionate above revolutionizing this space by creating superior value for both stakeholders. Uniting them on the same expansive platform, WorkDeer helps clients gain access to a large base of freelance artists for their projects, while giving freelancers the opportunity to bid for a vast choice of projects everyday and helping them boost their income. How WorkDeer is nurturing a win-win environment for clients and freelance artists? WorkDeer through its online platform is helping freelance artists and clients to collaborate on projects in a mutually gainful manner. Both clients and artists can register through an easy and quick online registration process with WorkDeer to connect and collaborate. WorkDeer is immensely resourceful for clients/studio owners. Registered clients can sign in, browse and hire from a vast pool of freelance artists across gaming, animation and VFX disciplines and specializations. This helps clients build a freelance team for their upcoming projects with easy, instant and more cost-effective hires. What makes it better is the fact that clients can filter profiles and hire artist based on such key parameters as portfolio, experience, skills and fee. And it’s equally beneficial for freelance artists. Registered freelance artists can sign-in and gain access to a huge listing of animation, gaming and VFX projects featured on the site. They can bid for project depending on timeline, work complexity, payment, terms and other parameters. What makes it even more exciting for artists is the fact that projects are frequently updated, ensuring a prolific source of projects and income. The growth of freelancing worldwide is staggering. Rough estimates put the freelancers around the world at about 12 to 20 per cent of the total workforce. That number is expected to shoot up to about 60 to 70 per cent of the global workforce in the next 10 years. Leveraging advances in technology to deliver enhanced value The WorkDeer virtual studio with cloud-based infrastructure featuring full-spectrum production capabilities is available on an affordable pay-per-use model, so one need not invest in infrastructure. Hence, software, pipeline tools, storage and rendering machines are not required. All one needs is a computer and internet connection. Both clients and freelance artists can collaborate from anywhere in the world using the integrated, online communication tools to review projects. Given the value of the intellectual property created by gaming, animation and VFX clients/artists, file security is a critical need. WorkDeer has put in place a robust security mechanism to ensure enhanced safety of project files. All files can be saved in one location (cloud) for easy access from anywhere in the world and piracy can be controlled with remote access, allowing uploading of work on VM’s from WorkDeer platform and sharply cutting the risk of digital pilferage/unauthorised downloads.   Making payment hassles and trust issues a thing of the past Payments are a matter of great concern and churn with clients and freelance artists. WorkDeer has thoughtfully designed and put in place an evolving payment system that is fair, convenient and dependable for both parties. While clients pay only for work that is satisfactory, freelance artists are assured of their fee as per the pre-agreed terms. The payment is facilitated through a secure and trusted payment gateway on the WorkDeer online platform. In a freewheeling chat with AnimationXpress,the promoter shared his goals and plans for WorkDeer. On the growth and expansion of WorkDeer: “Our goal is to post one million projects, attract at least one million registered freelance artists and facilitate at least Rs. 500 million in collective earnings for our freelance artists in the next three years. By 2022, we also dream of achieving a physical presence in at least 40 countries across the globe.” On the future of the WorkDeer platform: We aim to be the most advanced online collaborative platform with innovations that will drive ease-of-use and value-for-money transactions on the platform.” On the ultimate goal: “We aspire to become a globally admired and number one freelance marketplace in the gaming, animation and VFX sectors. We are committed to building the most elaborate and ramified online network for clients and freelancers while enabling the best in all dimensions. We have stitched together a great team of technical, creative, marketing and administrative talent, and are constantly experimenting and innovating ways to build value and wealth for all stakeholders. We don’t simply aspire to be the number one resource in our sector but to positively impact the very future of the gig economy and the pace of its progress.”