Free Seminar at FX School: Architectural Design Visualisation

With a huge demand for 3D artists, who can design and create realistic, lifelike visualisations of buildings and interiors in the Architecture and Interiors industry; FX School is holding a free seminar on Thursday, 28 August focusing on Architectural Design Visualisation.

FX School’s seminar on Architecture Design Visualization will give one a lowdown on all the essential skills he/she can build to become a part of this booming, lucrative industry, using the revolutionary, open source 3D software, Blender.

This seminar is especially relevant to freshers who want to explore career opportunities in Architectural Design Visualisation and are searching for the right path on which to start their journey.

In this seminar participants will: learn what Architectural Design Visualisation is all about; watch examples of Architectural Design Visualisation done in India and abroad; discover the advantages of using Blender for Architectural Design Visualisation; discover the essential skill-sets you need to succeed in the field and explore the scope of the industry and job prospects.

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