Framestore talks about BAFTA nomination for ‘His Dark Material’

Framestore was nominated for the Special, Visual and Graphic Effects BAFTA for its work on His Dark Materials. The Oscar, BAFTA and Emmy-winning studio was involved in the show from pre-production onwards, helping to bring to life the world inhabited by Lyra, Pan, Iorek and Mrs Coulter. Framestore worked on some 2,000 shots, creating everything from stunning environments to 50+ photoreal dæmons and the panserbjørne that inhabit Bad Wolf’s epic adaptation of the Philip Pullman classic. The vast, complex and deeply imaginative landscape of Philip’s novels requires a world class but quintessentially British band of creatives to bring them to life. Framestore global managing director film Fiona Walkinshaw said: “We’re all incredibly proud of His Dark Materials, and it’s a tremendous boost to see the team’s hard work recognised by BAFTA – particularly for those who are currently delivering season two. Framestore creatives worked hand-in-glove with the show’s producers, cast and crew throughout the entire process. She added, “I think the collaborative nature of the work really shows when you see how seamlessly live action mixes with pure CG. I’d like to offer my thanks and congratulations to everyone who worked on season one – particularly VFX Supervisor Russell Dodgson, who led Framestore’s work with such determination and passion.” Winners of the 2020 British Academy Television Craft Awards will be announced on Friday 17 July.