Fox Star India’s official trailer of ‘The Predator’ gives you the chills!

From the┬ástudios that bought you the X-Men and Star Wars, get ready for some for spine-tingling action, as Twentieth Century Fox has dropped the official trailer of its upcoming horror thriller, The Predator. Fourth installment in the franchise of the same name, the clip opens with a young boy opening up a box and fidgeting with a funky metallic object, which is basically the signal to the predators in the outer space. Inadvertently, he triggers the remote and the spaceship carrying the extra-terrestrial creatures head to earth, where they wreak havoc upon setting afoot. It’s then learnt that the creatures, who are supposedly on a killing spree, have genetically upgraded themselves with the DNA of other species through hybridisation, and seem virtually unstoppable. Soon, a barrage of gun fights and deadly escapades ensue as the predators hunt down everyone on their way while pursuing something; probably the remote trigger. The Predator is chronologically based somewhere between Predator 2 of 1990 and Predators of 2010, with VFX by MPC and Atomic Fiction. Jonathan Rothbart served as the production VFX supervisor. Produced by Twentieth Century Fox and directed by Shane Black, The Predator unleashes in cinemas on 14 September 2018.