Four elite classes of the Empire’s Troopers which we might see in the next Star Wars movie

The release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is right around the corner and the fans of the franchise have waited eagerly for a long time for its release. But what makes Star Wars popular? Is it lightsabers, the empire or the stormtroopers? The internet has built up rumours about the possibility of new troopers being added to the roster. According to GamesRadar, back in February director Rian Johnson posted a photo on Tumblr featuring the First order of Stormtroopers. However fans do expect to see a certain class of troopers in the upcoming film. Let’s take a look on a list of the most elite troopers seen in the previous Star Wars series that may make an appearance. The 501st Legion: Also known as the 501st battalion and later as Vader’s fist, this group comprised of an elite military division of the Republic. They were highly trained in the use of all kinds of weapons and explosives as well as various vehicles ranging from AT-ACT walker, AT-DP walker, AT-ST walker and more. They had their own customised kit with blue stripes as opposed to the standard all white. They were initially cloned using the DNA of a famous bounty hunter called Jango Fett, as he was selected by Sith Lord Dooku. Dark Trooper: These troopers were advanced battle droids and were also used as infantry exoskeletons that were created to be the next generation of stormtroopers. They donned heavy plated armour that resembled the standard trooper, powerful firepower and jet pack to increase flexibility during battle. The troops were introduced in phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3, each more powerful than the other. Emperors Royal Guard: They were often called the Imperial Royal Guard or the Emperors Royal Guard and were tasked with the protection of the Emperor. This special elite force was not a part of the other military forces as they only answered to Emperor Palpatine. They received their training from the Imperial Royal Guard Academy on Yinchorr. The candidates chosen had to undergo rigorous trainings which were designed to build an extreme sense of loyalty to the emperor. They used force pikes which allowed the user to tap into the force and keep enemies at bay. Shadow Guards: They were known to be Darth Vader’s body guards, but could also be deployed as assassins by the Sith. These elite units were originally Jedi who were captured, tortured and brain-washed into joining the dark side of the force. They received their training from the Sith Lord and were highly advanced with the use of the force. Like the Royal Guard, these units used a saber pike that was customised for them specially.