Tyler Take from ‘Extraction’ might be a part of ‘Fortnite’ soon

Epic Games brings yet another popular movie character to Fortnite. Fortnite dataminer Shiina has disclosed an a skin model from the Free Guy files, codenamed Dusty.

The recently-found skin model sports a bulletproof vest with multiple compartments for weapons and evidently, it belongs to Extraction’s Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth.

As the game is known to shake things up by bringing in multiple fan-favourite movie characters, this is set to be the new character to enter the game. Epic Games will be sharing more details about the new skin soon.

Fortnite had previously added Ryan Reynolds’ Dude from Free Guy. As part of the Free Guy x Fortnite crossover, players got access to new quests to unlock the Dude outfit along with a special Good Guy emote. Players have to look for ATM machines across the map, after which they will encounter Reynolds’ character Guy. Guy will offer instructions to complete the new Free Guy-themed quests. The quests will be available until 6 September.

Apart from that, Fortnite had recently launched the Rift Tour featuring Ariana Grande. Gamora and Star Lord are also back in the shop after a long time.