‘Fortnite’ season three postponed to 11June

Fortnite Season 3 was postponed again, pushing back the release until 11June , according to PC gamer. Ahead of the Fortnite Season 3 release, a Doomsday Event is also set to take place which has been officially called ‘The Device’. The event was also postponed by Epic Games from 30 May to 6 June, indicating that the countdown timer running in-game was based on the old date. And while the additional waiting could be difficult for a number of Fortnite fans, it should also make the final revelation much more fun and satisfying. Fortnite has already delayed the new season twice, first by more than a month, then by a week more recently. That was just due to internal issues and them needing more time while trying to coordinate all this working from home (remember the pandemic?), but now it seems possible that they might just push the season back even further as this has become a somewhat accepted “this isn’t the time” moment in the video game industry. The upcoming season is also being teased with some in-game posters that were discovered recently in a Fortnite leak. They have sharks in focus and it appears that they reference the new season directly in the files. There are also rumours suggesting that The Device may send certain parts of the map underwater.