Fnatic to raise funds for COVID-19 affected through a ‘PUBG Mobile’ tournament

Fnatic and Loco teamed up announced Gaming For Good, a charity PUBG Mobile tournament to raise funds for those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fnatic has partnered with OnePlus, Homegrown, AFK Gaming, Villager Esports and BookMyShow. The tournament will be broadcast live exclusively on Loco, Pocket Aces’ streaming platform. The tournament will be livestreamed on Loco from the 3 April to the 5 April. Games will kick off on each day at 2:45 PM IST. A total of 18 games will be played, spread between the 3 days. The prize pool for the tournament is Rs 2 lakh which will be split among the top three positions along with an award for the ‘best fragger’ and the ‘best fan’. The winning teams will donate their prize money to any one of two pre-decided non profits. These include Zomato Feeding India which is a fund to support families of the daily wage workers in India in the absence of employment opportunities, and 4DOG’SAKE India who is looking after stray dog welfare in the Delhi/NCR region during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. The event will be streamed live exclusively on Loco along with a delayed stream on YouTube. The matches will start at 2:45 PM daily. “Fnatic has always been a team that’s built by the fans. I believe that with the thousands of gamers across India coming together, we could truly showcase the power of the Indian esports community and contribute in a way that benefits the people who are most in need. #GamingforGood stands for every gamer and his or her orange and black heart,” said Fnatic India boss, Nish Raut. All community members and viewers tuning in to the livestream will be able to donate to the cause, with the goal of raise as much money as possible via gamers and esports fans directly. Also contributions can be made in any amounts via Paytm donations.