Fluiidmask delivers VFX work for ‘Rustom’, creates INS Vikrant carrier

With their VFX debut in the recent Akshay Kumar starrer Rustom, Fluiidmask Studios managed to deliver decent quality VFX to enhance the overall effect of the film. Inspired by a true incident, Rustom portrayed a different era and thus demanded a specific colour tone and designated background creation. Rustom-1 Fluiidmask, founder and creative director, Viral Thakkar admitted, “The project fell into our kitty when there was a strict deadline. However, not giving it as an excuse, our team managed to give the best quality work.” Though the film followed a normal plot without much of a high tech background, a lot of VFX and CGI helped create what was mistaken to as real sets in the final product. Fluiidmask Studios delivered more than 700 VFX shots.   Rustom-3 Thakkar explained, “Starting from background creations and set extensions, we created trees, runway, historic buildings, vehicles and infrastructure to suit that particular era. Out of these, the creation of the huge naval ship was a major challenge.” “We created the entire INS Vikrant carrier and also the entire sea around it. Also, the dinner sequence between Ileana D’Cruz and Parmeet Sethi is completely created using visual effects,” he added. The lanes and infrastructure of Bombay had to be recreated in order to blend in sync with the script of the film. Rustom-2   Prashant Thakur, VFX supervisor, highlighted, “The movie had a lot of small instances which had to be created using VFX. For example, the background seen through the tiny courtroom windows, greenery seen from the house as well as the moustache of Akshay Kumar.” Around 40 artists of Fluiidmask Studios for almost 35 days to complete this project. The studio has also delivered visual effects for the Bollywood film Baar Baar Dekho and the recent Rock On 2. Rustom-4 Rustom-7 Rustom-5 Rustom-6