Flashback: Decoding the dubbing process of animated film ‘Hanuman Da Damdaar’

The voices behind an animated film are always a strong factor for the success of it. There is trend nowadays to take famous Bollywood actors to lend their voices for a project. It always draws in a lot of audiences. Let us know the story behind the voice-actors of the film Hanuman Da Damdaar  in a video by its producers R.A.T. films There is an interesting story behind how actor Salman Khan agreed to dub for Hanuman. Initially, the title of the movie caught him on a hop. However, when he was narrated the scenes and the dialogue, he really got into it. He liked the contemporary flavour of the movie and also the humorous and fun way in which the film had been approached. Usually, actors modulate their voice a lot for an animated character. However, according to actor Chunky Pandey, the animations were made after the dubbing, so there was no need for him to modulate the voice. Director Ruchi Narain feels, “Every single thing in the frame is designed first. It is deliberate. It entails a lot of work, right from the part of the background shown in the scene to the lighting. From the way the characters look, to the way they are dubbed, everything is planned properly.” She added, “We made the entire movie on excel sheet that included each and every thing that happened in the movie. It had the feedback, the comments and the changes here and there. But when it all comes together, it is magical. You forget all your troubles.” Narain also spoke about the technique called smacking where an actor does the blocking with his body language like a live-action film. An actor can jump and do all sorts of action while dubbing.It is then encorporated in the film. Popular actor Vinay Pathak who has voiced for  the character, Popat Sharma  which is a parrot spoke about director Ruchi Narain. He said that she had to put him in a straightjacket position for about half an hour so that he composes himself  because until then, it was difficult to do the recording. Actor Kunal Khemu, who plays  the character of Indra in the film initially thought that he will see the animation and do the lip sync. Later in the recording studio, he found out that there were just sketches of the character. Ruchi explained him that they will design the whole animation and make the character look a little like him. Then the improvisations were done according to the animations designed according to his look. He was really impressed with the whole process. No doubt dubbing for an animated movie is a wonderful experience for actors. As much as they enjoy recording in the studios, we also enjoy watching them in the cinema hall. We hope to see many more actors giving their best for such projects in future.