Flashback: FutureWorks’ senior colourist Andreas Brueckl grades his ‘Bank Chor’ journey

It was a memorable journey for FutureWorks’ senior colourist Andreas Brueckl who graded his first Bollywood feature film after joining the post-production studio early this year. Andreas graded Y-Films’ Bank Chor which released on 16 June 2017. The movie was released nationwide on 16 June on about 800 screens. The comic thriller directed by Bumpy and was produced by  Y-Films head Ashish Patil.  Y-films is the youth wing of Aditya Chopra’s production and distribution powerhouse Yash Raj Films The film was shot by cinematographer Adil Afsar who was very satisfied with the final outcome. Talking about working with FutureWorks, Adil said, ““When I moved here, one good thing I like about this particular studio is the attention for detail. Since ‘Bank Chor’ is not a mega budget movie; when I say mega budget it doesn’t have Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan or Aamir Khan; inspite of that the attention for detail for my film was commendable. FutureWorks pays equal attention to every single film, irrespective of the budget and stars, in fact every single shot is considered important. Kailash Jadhav (Head of Production) is a fantastic person, he always tries to solve your problems and he will never say ‘no’. I understand that in a lab there are multiple projects going on at the same time, so you need somebody to figure things out and I think he is doing a fantastic job of it.” He further added, “There was a break in my film for about eight months, right after that I met this wonderful person called Andreas Brueckl. He is great colourist, very strong in terms of the art of grading as well as the technique of grading. By technique, I mean the technology of grading- what should the pipeline be, etc. Andy has reinforced my faith in FutureWorks. I do a lot of commercials and I am glad that with Andy’s arrival they have commenced their commercial division in full swing.” Talking about introducing new workflows for his first Hindi feature, colourist Andreas said, “For Bank Chor, we really went in a new and fresh style of grading compared to other films. The color palettes have a lot of green and blue shades and it gives a very interesting look with lots of depth. Adil was concerned about the P3 movie to HD REC709 conversion, which happens usually by a 3D LUT or overall offset. So I introduced him to my workflow which means grading a separate REC.709 version from the RAW timeline with shot by shot adjustment if needed. In the future probably more people are watching movies on TV and streaming platforms than on the cinema screens, so it just made sense for us to pay the same attention to the HD rec.709 grade as to the Projector grade.” Andreas has graded hundreds of commercials and stands as one of Europe’s most experienced DI and commercial colourist artists. He is also Asia’s premiere DI and commercial artist as he swept away all the awards in the color grading category pan Asia at the Apollo Awards this year. With Bank Chor, FutureWorks had further strengthened their relationship with Yash Raj Films as their preferred post production partner and have been consistently investing in talent and technology to provide their customer’s cutting edge services.