Five comic releases this week you must keep an eye on

Fifth of July, 2017 may be just another day for the neutrals but for the comic aficionados it means the day of new comic releases. Of the numerous releases, American comic publishing company Dynamite Entertainment plans to release an assortment of comics. It seems the fans are going to have their plates full even when the next set of releases make way. Here is what is in store for tomorrow. Justice Inc. – The Avenger: Faces of Justice vol.1 Private detective organisation Justice Inc. are dealt with a hammering blow when their leader Richard Benson, or The Avenger, is incriminated for a murder and sent behind the bars. The Justice Inc. team must now set out on a mission to not only rescue their chief but also figure out if it is a conspiracy against him or has the Avenger really committed a crime. As fascinating as it sounds, writers Joe Gentile and Kyle Higgins bring you yet another gripping tale. James Bond: Black Box #5 The hunky British secret service agent is back with the fifth edition of the Black Box series and this time his adventure unfolds in Japan. Here Bond and his accomplice from the fourth, Selah Sax, are heading to the headquarters of Saga Genji in pursuit of the black box which contains some highly confidential information. Sounds like a plain vanilla story, right? Wrong! Making the waters murkier are Felix Leiter and the Americans who too are chasing the black box, while there is also a constant threat from ‘No Name’, a mysterious assassin thirsty for Bond’s blood. How is that for a plain vanilla story? Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire #4 Doc Savage and nemesis John Sunlight resume hostilities once again. And this time, the latter lights up the Ring of Fire, wreaking havoc all across the West Coast. Now the Man of Bronze and Amelia Earhart are tasked with stopping their worst enemy. The events mark the end of the series of Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire, and writer David Avallone has a clamouring climax in store for the fans. Vampirella #4 The blood thirsty vampiress is back to scare the daylights out of you and ventures into some of the most inconspicuous aspects of spirituality as she learns about Karma, the existence of power which monitors your every good and bad move, and much, much more! Brace yourselves, for Paul Cornell’s story is about to tingle your spine. Ash vs The Army of Darkness #1 The terrific triumvirate of writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims and artist Mauro Vargas are back with another graphic novel and that may be reason enough to read this comic. Ash Williams is headed to the public school this time, but will the career shift leave the Chosen One hamstrung in his war against the Army of Darkness? Let the mystery unfold when it does!