Fighting game circuit Red Bull Conquest returns with qualifiers across eight U.S. cities

Fighters, get ready for a new battle! Red Bull has announced the return of Red Bull Conquest, challenging the top fighting game players in the United States to RISE, RALLY and CONQUER tournament circuit featuring popular fighting titles Street FighterV: Arcade Edition and TEKKEN 7, and newcomer Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late. Qualifiers will take place across eight cities, kicking off on 24 August and culminating with the Red Bull Conquest 2019 National Finals in November. Winners from each qualifying event will experience a new, unique competitive format in which they form a three-person team to earn the title of Conquest champions at the finals.

Red Bull Conquest united the leading fighting game communities (FGC) across the country by encouraging local pride during the circuit’s events.

Hopeful players can attend RISE events to scout out competition and practice ahead of their region’s qualifier (hint: players can assess strengths and weaknesses of other teams for training purposes). Competitors will then RALLY and compete to earn the top spot in their respective title at their local qualifier event. Lastly, the winning competitors from the eight RALLY events in each of the three games will come together to form a team for the Red Bull Conquest national finals, where only one region will CONQUER and hoist the trophy for their region.

The shift to eight qualifiers for Red Bull Conquest 2019 will ensure a deeper pool of talent and more intense competition at each stop as top players are welcomed from around the nation. Beyond rekindling old rivalries, the qualifiers will serve as a shot for redemption from last year’s events.

Red Bull will also be bringing back renowned FGC commentators and personalities Tasty Steve, Yipes, Persia and Vicious to host each of the regional qualifying events in the Conquest series. The hosts will serve as on-the-ground ambassadors at each of the regional qualifying events this summer to stream and share their FGC expertise.

In 2018, more than 3,000 players embarked on the Red Bull Conquest journey and competed in RISE, RALLY and CONQUER events. New York City emerged victorious during the National Finals in Washington D.C., claiming the highly coveted title of top fighting game region in the United States against other top competing regions, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and more. Team New York City was comprised of Victor “Punk” Woodley, Eli “LostSoul” Rabadad and Anthony “Mr.Whooppee”

The official partners for Red Bull Conquest 2019 are Alienware and HyperX. Both partners will be providing their latest hardware for all competitors at each regional qualifier and the finals.