Fenil Comics releases yet another superhero comic, titled ‘Captain ISI’

With the release of Captain ISI, Fenil Comics adds yet another comic to its already elaborate collection of superhero stories. Released on 28 August, 2019, Captain ISI is currently available in Hindi but once the team completes the series consisting of three volumes, it will be released in English, informed Fenil Comics founder Fenil Sherdiwala. Om, the secret agent from the previous installment of series Secret Agent Om is the superhero in this installment, whereas the protagonist, Captain ISI is the villain. Written by Sherdiwala, the illustrations for the comic are done by Abhishek Vishwa with colourists Harendra Saini and Bhakt Ranjan. “Our readers are always excited for our new release. We are very thankful for their support and love,” said Sherdiwala. “The first volume, Secret Agent Om was a best seller and our readers have already purchased their copy for Captain ISI from our online store, which shows their love for the series,” added he. The book is available at Fenil Comics’ official online store and on book stands in North India and selected railway stations. The next volume of the series is titled Mahavinash Ki Saazish, where Om will discover terrorists’ plans to destroy humanity and will try to destroy them. “There are many more twists in the story, which I would like to disclose with book later,” said Sherdiwala. The next titles from Fenil Comics are Exilium, an Australian graphic novel series written by Benjamin Slabak, being released in Indian languages and Zura, a space fiction written by famous graphic novelist and Telugu film actor Kiriti Rambhatla.   Fenil Comics has around nine super heroes including Om, Faulaad, Bajrangi, Jasoos Balram, Crimefighter, Vetaal, Stunt Girl, Taskara and Vetaal in its Fenilverse and more than 35 characters. “Fenilverse is like a treasure for aspiring writers or creative artists who are wishing to join Fenil Comics from a career point of view,” mentioned Sherdiwala. Fenil Comics is currently producing a graphic novel series, Sannu- Mannu, entering the comedy genre. And, we will get to hear more about it soon.