#FeatureFriday: Following the trend, the Indian comic characters take the #10yearchallenge

Searching for a 10 year old photograph of yours? Cannot miss the trend, right? The 10 year challenge has taken the social media world on fire. Its trending and how! Not just the youngsters, even the senior citizens are flaunting their transformation over the years through pictures. The meme started to take off after the start of the new year, largely on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some say it’s a trick Facebook is using to get users’ data, some find this extremely useful to showcase their positive change. It’s the new rage on Facebook and other social media portals and users are flooding the newsfeed with their ‘then and now’ photos.The fact remains a point of discussion. But, grabbing the opportunity, we have got for you the transformation our Indian comic characters went through in the past few years. Take a look! The popular kids’ magazine Tinkle gave our childhood some real fun element. With the fun characters like Suppandi, Tantri and others, we grew up in a happy environment. Check out how these characters changed over the years. Suppandi: Suppandi is the most beloved character. His appearance changed with time, but his stupidity only grew year by year for the better. He is probably one of the most famous characters of the comics and amuses everyone. Shikari Shambu: Shikari Shambu is another character from Tinkle. He is a hunter by chance and lives with his wife Shanti. The large hat which covered his face became iconic and the character added to our favourites’ list. Tantri the Mantri: Tantri is a minister at the court of king Hooja in a town called Hujli. He protects the king from any danger- he is also the one who creates them. He is an evil sinister mantri (minister) who to dethrone the king, Raja Hooja by his clever plans. Defective Detectives: Rahul and Ravi, the best friend’s duo thinks that they are serious detectives but are actually duffers. They go on an overdrive about every little thing, but have been impressively brave about their failures. The comic Defective Detectives have grabbed spectacular attention and is quite popular among the readers. Haddiraj: Haddiraj is a series drawn by Abhijeet Kini for Dimdima Comics. Haddiraj is a young man who believes that one need not build muscles to become healthy or to become successful in any sphere of life. He and his muscle-bound friend, Bobby, get into a lot of stressful situations but Haddiraj invariably comes out a winner, usually in a comical way! Chintoo: The famous and beloved comic character, Chintoo charmed every Maharashtrian household through a newspaper comic strip with his cute and witty vibe. Created by Charuhas Pandit, the character has got its animation too. Faulaad: Fenil Comics’ superhero, Faulaad launched in a comic book exactly 10 years ago, and was transformed to suit the needs of the changing stories. Created by Fenil Sherdiwala himself, Faulaad is a mastermind behind stopping the terrorist activities and destroying their schemes. These are our picks to this #10yearchallenge. It is a forever evolving process when it comes to any character, be it animation or comic. And, we can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for us!