#FeatureFriday: Animation on Netflix – What to look forward to in August

Following a sweltering summer of 2018, our favourite OTT platform, Netflix is bringing a slew of new streaming options for its fans to binge within the cool confines of their homes. And the animation anoraks in particular, can look forward to a month of ‘anifest’ as some top-notch shows and miniseries are coming your way. Inter-galactic showdown Voltron: Legendary Defenders debuts its seventh season this month, as The Paladins come together for the penultimate time in what promises to be another epic showdown with the sinister Galra Empire. A reboot of the original series by the makers of The Last Airbender, it premiers on Netflix today. But if you’re looking for something refreshing, then wait until the seventeenth as The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is coming up with an all-new series Disenchantment. An adult comedy, the fantasy sitcom chronicles the intriguing tale of a debauched and rebellious princess Bean in the magical, Utopian setting of Dreamland. Her shenanigans land her in hot water before she’s eventually chucked out of her own kingdom. But the princess, along with her doltish elf companion Elfo and a cutesy devil Luci, try to win everything back after setting on a journey of self-discovery that’s riddled with humor, mischief and truck loads of tomfoolery. But Disenchantment isn’t alone in the adult-oriented cartoon category, as there’s a cop-comedy series Paradise PD coming at the end of the month from the makers of Brickleberry. Whereas for a younger audience, Splash and Bubbles has been renewed for a second season as the yellowback fusilier and mandarin dragonet return to explore the inconspicuous parts of the Reeftown whilst also making new companions along the way. Also, there’s another healthy dose of ‘Trolls’ you can indulge in, as the third season of Trolls: The Beat Goes On debuts on 24 August. The unprecedented success of the 2016 film paved the way for its television series during the turn of the year, and the small-screen version of the musical-comedy too, was met with an encouraging response from the fans. With a combined 13 episodes from the first two seasons already hitting the service platform this year,  the Trolls are ready to bob about on Netflix for a third bite of the cherry. So if your first 10 days of this month has been no great shakes, don’t fret! There’s plenty heading your way in the next three weeks to let your hair down.