Fantasy platform for movies, ‘Zooppy’, launches new initiatives for movie-lovers

Zooppy, Indian online fantasy platform for movies, has launched two new initiatives for the movie-lovers.  It has launched gaming leagues in regional languages and new video leagues with increase in the prize money. Apart from English, the gaming leagues will be available in regional languages. The yes or no questions, multiple-choice questions and picture puzzles are available in the app. Additionally, video leagues are available in Zooppy each week and comes with the latest trending videos in India. 

Zooppy founder Yuva Pushpakar said,We have added regional languages as there is a huge penetration of internet boom in local language content and video. We aim to use vernacular to gain from the huge market available in semi-urban India. Moreover, movies being a passion in India, we aim to capture market share in the gaming segment.”  

In the video league, the participants have to choose videos from a list of YouTube videos provided in the league. The videos should be chosen in such a way that the views attained by the video will be the highest. Each video has a credit and the user is given 1000 credits to make a list. Participants who have chosen the list of videos which gained the maximum number of views in YouTube are rewarded cash prizes.

Since the launch, Zooppy users have won top Smartphones such as iPhone 12 Pro Max, One plus 8 T, iPhone 12 Mini and more playing the dream price contest. The participants can choose their dream prices and the lowest unique price submissions wins the content. The prizes were distributed by Sunny Leone in Mumbai last month.