Famous Studio unveils Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision facility worth Rs 2 crores

Dolby Vision

With the aim to enhance brand offerings and solutions, Famous Studios has become one of the first studios in the country to offer an all-inclusive Dolby certified post production facility. The facility includes a Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment 7.1.4. sound mixing room with the latest Avid S6 console and Dolby Vision 4K HDR color grading licenses on Baselight and Da Vinci Resolve colour grading technology. 

The technology set up offers an elevated immersive experience in producing and refining the video and audio content delivering bigger, more immersive audio experiences to viewers. With this technology Famous will help brands to unlock new creative and business potential with a digital content that is brighter, livelier and much more dynamic

Anant Roongta

Commenting on the technology upgrade, Famous Studios managing director Anant Roongta said, “As the world is making waves in digital advancements, the content consumption has shifted from HD+ to 4K in line with the heightened expectations and demands of consumers today. We are one of the first to be licensed and secured with an investment of 2 Crores, the Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision facility promises to augment the creative output of the content producers across OTT, Film and Music which is not only ahead of the curve but also more efficient compared to other systems in terms of accuracy and quality. 

Dolby Atmos is the most contemporary surround format in cinema and home theater, delivering bigger, more immersive audio experiences to viewers. Instruments and vocals can be isolated and articulated with incredible clarity and the use of multi-dimensional space makes listeners feel like they’ve stepped inside the song.”

While the Dolby Atmos is powered by Avid’s latest S6 and Dell technologies platform consisting 11 speakers and 1 Subwoofer that is capable of handling audio mixing for all platforms. Dolby Vision is is capable of delivering the high dynamic range better than HDR 10 with (12bit color depth).  With this new advancement, Famous studio becomes India’s only specialized Post Production Company with a gamut of services under one roof. 

Dolby Atmos

Roongta added, “As a legacy brand since 1946 known for having a distinctive approach within the Indian Film Industry and beyond, we endeavor at Famous Studios to expand the creative palette for artists and creators and deliver superior content to our partner brands. With Dolby Atmos becoming more readily available across devices and content, it’s been embraced by both audiences and the world’s top content creators. In the recent past at Famous Studios, we enabled mixing and delivery of music in Atmos for Jio Saavn.” 

Famous Studios is known for offering state of the art services from editing to color grading to VFX/CGI and now Dolby Atmos all under one roof.