Famous comedian and ‘The Simpsons’ writer Kevin Curran passes away at the age of 59

Almost everyone knew or at least at some point has followed ‘The Simpsons’. The show provided subtle comedy and has been immensely popular with the fans. But recently a sad news struck the fans of the show as it was announced the producer and writer for ‘The Simpsons’, Kevin Curran has passed away. The well known comedy writer and producer was fighting a long battle with cancer and passed away at the age of 59 and fans all over mourned the loss along with his family. Curran began working with the well known show in 1998 and stayed with it till 2015. Throughout his career, he won around six Emmy awards as a part of the writing team for Simpsons and the Late Night with David Letterman. Curran also worked on a short ABC comedy series titled, ‘The Good Life’.  In the year 1990, he was associated with Fox’s ‘Married with children’ and also filled the shoes of an executive producer for ‘Unhappily Ever After’ for WB Networks. Curran met Al Jean while working as an editor for Harvard Lampoon, and Jean would be the showrunner of ‘The Simpsons’ after his demise. Regarding the rather gloomy news, Jean tweeted, “”V sad at the passing of Kevin Curran. Brilliantly funny and true friend.” Curran was in a relationship with English novelist and screenwriter, Helen Fielding and would be survived by his two children. Kevin Curran