Facebook brings two new Pokemon games

The Pokemon Company is bringing two new games to Facebook. Titled, Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle, both games are now available on the platform. Pokémon Tower Battle, developed by Bombay Play requires players to compete by stacking Pokémon against one another to create the tallest towers. As players discover, catch and level-up rare Pokémon, they can compete in real-time against friends or across a global leaderboard. Facebook said in a press release, “It might seem like a simple physics-based puzzler at first, but the strategic choices in where and how players stack Pokémon will determine the true Tower Battle masters.” Pokémon Medallion Battle is a digital card battle strategy game developed by GCTurbo, is now available in the Asia-Pac ific region. In the game, trainers collect, battle and evolve Pokémon in medallion form and then try to win gym badges and complete their Pokédex. Players can also discover new Pokémon introduced every month to continually enhance their decks.